Framework III/IV FAQ
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Remove crash of Framework III and IV Some questions and answers concerning
Framework 3 and 4

Framework IV or III crashes on my new fast computer, what's up?

Please have a look at our Framework speed modification page.

Framework III does not display all directories, how can I access all my files?

This is another bug of Framework III. If any directory has an archive flag set, then FW III thinks this directory is a file! (The archive bit of a file or directory is set by backup programs). Solution:
  1. Open the Windows explorer.
  2. Mark the problem directory
  3. Click the directory with the right mouse key
  4. Select "properties" in the popup menu
  5. Deactivate the "Archive" flag
  6. Acknowledge wth "OK"

After this FW III will recognize the directory. However, you may have to reopen the directory.
Framework IV is not concerned.

I have troubles printing under Windows XP/Vista/7/8!!

Some old DOS applications have big problems with printing under modern Windows versions. They fail while trying to access the printer port hardware, because XP and newer just emulates the ports (and this is not completly compatibile).
In some cases, it helps to configure an extra lpt-port, which uses a network printer. The printer port emulation seems to work better then.
  1. Configure one printer to be shared in the network:
    a) My computer -> control panel -> printer
    b) Rightclick on the wanted printer and select "share.."
    c) Give the printer share a unique name
  2. Execute following command:
    NET USE lpt3: \\servername\printername /persistent:yes
    Servername and printername (see 1c) must match your system! Afterwards Windows redirects all printing data from lpt3 to the shared printer.
  3. Configure FW III/IV to use lpt3. You have to execute "setupfw.exe" for this.

Framework III crashes under Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7

The mouse driver for the DOS emulation forces Framework III to crash. This happens after moving the mouse or pressing CTRL. We have a workaround for this problem.

Recommended configuration of Framework IV and Framework 3 running on Windows

If there are any problems to get Framework going again we suggest to modify the following adjustments in the memory management (you can do this in "setupfw.exe"):

(1) Size of OVERLAY-Puffers 35 same
(2) Memory Extension (EIN/AUS) On same
(3) Driver for Memory Extension Harddrive or RAM same
(4) sizeo of Memory Extension 800 same
(5) Dirve for Memory Extension C same
(6) File relocation in DOS Off same

The use of a swapfile is certainly the slowest solution. You will, however, have the least problems with old Dos relicts like Himem.sys and Emm386.exe. Furthermore, speed is not really important for the use of Framework with new generation processors.

I can't see my CD-Rom drive letter

If you have installed a Windows network, we have a workaround.
Allow network users to access the cdrom drive. Assign to this new network resource a drive letter (for example X:). You can use the command line for this:

net use X: \\mycomputer\cdrom

("mycomputer" is the network name of your computer, "cdrom" is the network resource of your cd drive. Both names will be different on your system!)

I need a converter for FW and FW2 files. Can you help?

Our converter only supports FW3 and FW4 file types. But there is an easy way to solve this problem. Open all fw2 files with Framework III/IV and save them as fw3 or fw4 (this can be done in one go, if the files are not to big).
If you don't have a FW3 or FW4 license, we could convert the files for you. Please contact us for details (We need to know the amount of files!).