Framework IV or Framework III to MS-Word converter
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Logo of the FW3/FW4 converter Framework III/IV to MS-Word converter

Features of the Converter

  • Completely integrated into Word 97, 2000, XP, 2003, 2007, 2010 no external program
  • The structure of the orginal framework-file will be maintained as much as possible
    (the framenames become Word headings with different outline levels)
  • Also imports the data contained in Framework spreadsheet-frames and database-frames (Only Trial-und Premiumversion. The Standardversion does not generate native Word tables, but converts the cell contents to normal text)
  • Imports FW3 and FW4 files
  • Convenient setup and deinstall procedure
  • Supports our free RL-File-Conversion-Wizard (Trial- or Premiumversion only)
  • Bullet proof: the converter translated thousends of Framework files without probs
  • Works with Windows 8, 7, 2003, XP
  • Free updates

Batch conversion

Batch conversion wizard for Word and Excel To convert thousands of files (or less) you can use our RL-File-Conversion-Wizard. It's freeware.
Please note: the wizard is a great helper tool. It can use all Office converters, but it doesn't contain any converter itself.
Please note: this applies only to the Trial- and Premiumversion!

Download trial version

If you are interested, please download the free trialversion of our R&L-Framework-Word-Converter:
Download the Converter Framework III/IV to Word
Version 1.31, 373 KB, Windows Executable

The trial version replaces and adds some text in every converted file, but is not limited in any other way.
You need administration rights for the installation. The converter itsself does not need admin rights.

Ordering the Converter

The product is available in different versions. For ordering please select the right one and press "Order":

Any question left?

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